Lynne’s response to Years Work in English Studies Review

Lynne Kositsky sent the following separate response to the O’Brien YWES review.


Roger Stritmatter and I are thrilled that Shellagh O’Brien from the University of Queensland has given us a fair and honest review of our book on The Tempest in The Year’s Work in English Studies. We’ve never before, as far as we’re aware, had a positive response from an orthodox reviewer. (more…)

Years Work in English Study reviews Stritmatter and Kositsky Tempest book

Somewhat to our surprise, On the Date, Sources, and Design has been rather favorably reviewed in the most recent issue of OUP’s Years Work in English Studies by Sheilagh Ilona O’Brien, a PhD candidate in  School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics at the University of Queensland and contributing reviewer to the Oxford journal.


O’Brien alludes to the “stinging attack on the assumptions underlying Vaughan’s and Reedy’s works”, emphasizing that “Kositsky and Stritmatter point to the lack of evidence for any version of Strachey’s account prior to Shakespeare writing The Tempest, and the very problematic assumption that the letter, if it did exist, was available to Shakespeare in manuscript form” and concluding hopefully that “the questions raised about the ‘orthodox’ approach are significant, and suggest a number of problems for previous examinations of The Tempest, which were grounded in the idea that Strachey was one of Shakespeare’s sources. No doubt Kositsky and Stritmatter’s informative and well-written work will spark renewed debate and discussion of this topic.”It is gratifying to see that the influence of the book continues to percolate throughout academia, generating positive reviews like this one: