“Couldn’t Put it Down….”

On the Date, Sources and Design of Shakespeare’s Tempest is now available via Amazon as well as Barnes and Noble.

Three five star reviews of the book have already been posted On Amazon.

The most recent reviewer, MacDuff, “couldn’t put it down.”  He reports that the book is “both a thrilling work of scholarly investigation and a parable about modern academic closed-mindedness, where a fixed idea has become so entrenched in universities that traditional scholars will not let go of it.”

In the words of Frank David, “the Stritmatter – Kositsky book has a unique quality of knowledge, thorough research and deep wisdom already from the very beginning.”

And Dr. Richard Waugaman suggests that the book

May prove to be the turning point in the acrimonious history of the debate as to the authorship of the works of “William Shake-Speare” (as his name was  spelled once in Ben Jonson’s 1616 collected works). Stritmatter and Kositsky have intrepidly pursued their highly original story of the composition of The Tempest, showing conclusively that it could have been written by 1604.

Adds Waugaman,

Readers of this book will come away scratching their heads at the gullibility of traditional Shakespeare scholars. In the process of shedding new light on the true literary sources of The Tempest, Stritmatter and Kositsky also expose the shameful, anti-intellectual tactics that have been employed by the Shakespeare establishment. Those of us who believe in the ideals of academic freedom and the unrestrained pursuit of the truth will be severely disillusioned by the corruption of those wielding power in Shakespearean journals and scholarly organizations.

Concludes MacDuff:  “The burden now shifts to proponents of the old 1611 theory to rebut Stritmatter and Kositsky’s evidence, if they can. They have a big hill to climb.”

Please take a few minutes to check out the reviews and express your opinion as to their usefulness. The book can be ordered directly from Amazon, or purchased at the upcoming  joint SOS-SF Conference in Toronto, Ontario October 18-21.

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