And on the 2921st Day the Index was Completed

Yes, it may be hard to believe. Stratfordians keep saying that we are wasting our lives in pursuit of a chimera, but at least the index to On the Date, Sources and Design of Shakespeare’s Tempest  is finally done. Not to mention the proofreading.

The presses should be rolling soon.

We shall see what those same people say in a month when the reviews start appearing. The book is by necessity dense, but we believe it lives up to the promise of William Niederkorn’s preface:

Thanks to Stritmatter and Kositsky, [Edmond] Malone’s conjectures [that The Tempest is based on accounts of the 1609 wreck of the Sea Venture] are demolished impartially, systematically, and convincingly on the most considerate scholarly grounds. The reverberations should be seismic for Shakespeare scholars…..

Seismic. There’s an apt metaphor. On the heels of Shahan and Waugh’s Shakespeare in Doubt?: Exposing an Industry in Denial, a book which “impartially, systematically, and convincingly” shows that there is a serious problem with the orthodox narratives of the bard, the reverberations should indeed be significant.

It may now be pre-ordered via Amazon.  Please don’t hesitate to share your responses here.

-R. Stritmatter and L. Kositsky

2 Responses to “And on the 2921st Day the Index was Completed”

  1. Quite a coup to have Niederkorn’s introduction. I hope it initiates a new perspective in the field.

  2. rstritmatter

    Indeed. It is a wonderful introduction, and he pulls no punches.

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