Kositsky Awarded $25,000 Canada Council Grant


As reported on the Oberon blog, Shakespeare authorship researcher and novelist Lynne Kositsky, co-author with Roger Stritmatter of A Movable Feast,  has been honored by the Canada Council for the Arts with a $25,000 grant. The funds were awarded to help Kositsky finish her young-adult novel with the working title of A Scattering of Stars. Kositsky said:

Every year, in October, Canadian authors can write applications to the Canada Council for the Arts for grants to help them finish their new books. I entered last year, enclosing about 15 pages of my new young-adult novel — all I’d written of it at the time. I added some pages from one of my published novels, as allowed.

There are, obviously, a limited number of grants available, and fierce competition for them. Yesterday afternoon I received a letter from the Canada Council telling me that I’d been awarded a $25,000 grant — the maximum given — to help me finish my book. The grant covers living, research, and travel expenses. It’s very welcome and I’m totally thrilled.

Congrats, Lynne!